A Comprehensive Approach to Busting Atlanta FOG Waste, From Inspection to Maintenance

When it comes to long-term quality and efficiency, it’s important to maintain commercial kitchen systems that are clean and clear. We ensure that they are, taking a comprehensive, customized approach to each customer account.

High Pressure Jetting

Clean, clear pipes are essential to a healthy, safe, and efficient kitchen. So when it comes to tough blockages and long-term quality maintenance, hydrojetting is the only answer. Greasers pros specialize in this system-cleaning method, manipulating an extremely high-pressure water jet stream through the pipes to scour the entire length of the pipe.

Just how powerful is this capability? We’re talking 5,000 pounds per square inch of debris-flushing hydrojet, coming through in a highly directed and thorough stream. That means you can enjoy lines as clean as the day they were installed, that operate at their highest capacity, and that will save you money on repairs and new parts in the long haul.

In addition to using hydrojetting for overdue jobs, it’s also extremely valuable for long-term, preventive care. Regular hydrojetting will keep you from having to deal with costly last minute-drain removals far better than any snaking or cabling will. It’s all about keeping things clean and safe, from your kitchen to the city’s waterways.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance

You know it’s important to maintain a clean kitchen and to abide by safety regulations, but you aren’t trained in industrial waste removal yourself… nor do you want to be, we’re guessing. That’s where Greasers comes in. We provide a full trap waste removal service to clear out the food and other debris that accumulate in your system.
Grease buildup leads to problems both within your business walls and beyond, from causing expensive breakdowns in your system to polluting our waterways. That’s why there are municipal codes regulating the amounts and disposal practices of unused grease.

Why care about those unseen buildups? In addition to the obvious odor issues, food and other debris can clog up your pipes, leading to costly plumbing problems, safety hazards, and the likelihood that your equipment will work less efficiently and break down sooner than it should.

In addition to knowing you are helping protect the environment and your investments, Greasers’ effective record keeping and reporting ensures comprehensive documentation for your local health department. And we do it on your timeframe, whether it is on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service basis. What’s more, we help save you money and headaches by educating your staff on best management practices to properly maintain your grease interceptor trap in between services. It is all about supporting your business… and your conscience while we’re at it.

Our process includes:

• Regular inspection of lines and interceptor for optimal operation
• Cleaning and scraping of baffles, interior walls, and drainage lines to remove accumulated grease
• Full grease trap waste removal (grease, water, and solids), preventing unpleasant odors or grease accumulation, which leads to costly plumbing problems
• Ongoing support for peak system performance over the long haul
• Pretreatment programs to keep you on code and eco-friendly to boot
• A copy of manifest will be provided at time of service and a copy kept on file with us

Oil Recycling

Oil recycling is a vital part of our comprehensive Grease Solutions offering.   As stewards of the environment, we collect used cooking oil to be converted into biodiesel – a much greener alternative to fossil diesel fuel.

We will provide a secure container and marketing materials showing your restaurant’s commitment to the environment.  The containers are collected on a regular schedule and a rebate check is mailed back to you….extra income stream and environmentally friendly!

For more information about our grease trap cleaning service, give Greasers’ friendly reps a ring today.

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As a locally owned and operated company, Greasers LLC is proud to support its fellow Atlanta businesses. We provide professional, personalized, comprehensive grease solution services throughout metropolitan Atlanta to keep your business healthy and thriving. And we do it with an eye to your bottom line, charging some of the most competitive rates you’ll find for such quality services.

We have the highest respect for our customers—aka our neighbors. We’ll never waste your time or ours by showing up late. And because we know stress-free compliance counts, we maintain solid records on your grease waste disposal for you, so you won’t have to experience interruption of operations or take your focus away from the business of actually running your business.

It’s all about helping you go green and stay clean, one grease trap at a time.

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