Got Grease? Greasers Grease Interceptor Service Has You Covered

As a locally owned, independent company, Greasers LLC makes it our business to provide the very best service to every one of our Atlanta food service customers. And as a registered commercial waste transporter in the State of Georgia, you can bet we run our business to the highest letter of the law.

We are dedicated to your satisfaction, employing only the best, most respectful and experienced grease interceptor pros in the area to ensure your needs always come first.

Clearing the FOG, One Grease Trap Atlanta at a Time

What’s the scourge of every kitchen? FOG, aka food, oil, and grease. We’ll blast through it for clean and clear air (and everything else) at the area’s most competitive rates. And we’ll do it with your priorities first and foremost every time.

Not sure if you need our help? Find out more in these FAQs:

Q: What is a grease trap or grease interceptor?


A: Essentially it’s a big filtration system used in restaurants and other food-related businesses that uses dirty water to keep FOG (food, oil, and grease) from entering the municipal sewer system.

Q: Why do I have to clean it?


A: There are a couple of key reasons. First, it has to be cleaned periodically to keep the system functioning properly. Clogging leads to residue building up in the pipes, which over time will damage the integrity of the system and mean more expensive repairs and premature breakdowns. It can also lead to water backups in the kitchen, always a messy proposition.

Second, when FOG enters the sewer system, it heads straight into our waterways…which can lead to a whole bunch of unpleasant environmental side effects. That’s why it’s the law to keep every grease interceptor trap clean.

Q: How do you maintain the grease trap?


A: There are a few key elements to your regular cleaning, though we’ll vary the exact formula based on your needs. Typically a service includes scrubbing all the lines of the baffles and scouring the drainage lines to remove accumulated grease.

Q: Who regulates FOG?


A: State and municipal law does. And we abide by their laws to a tee as a registered Commercial Waste Transporter in the State of Georgia, number 268-001.

Q: What is pretreatment?


A: It’s a preventive measure to keep industrial sewer users from releasing harmful wastewater into the sewer.

Q: Where do you work?


A: We are proud to service the following areas:

  • Gwinnett County
  • Cobb County
  • Fulton County
  • Dekalb County
  • Henry County
  • Clayton County
  • Douglas County

Do you have other questions about our grease trap cleaning Atlanta services? We’re happy to assist. Contact one of our grease interceptor specialists today for more information.

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Local Grease Waste Disposal Professionals Supporting Local Businesses

As a locally owned and operated company, Greasers LLC is proud to support its fellow Atlanta businesses. We provide professional, personalized, comprehensive grease solution services throughout metropolitan Atlanta to keep your business healthy and thriving. And we do it with an eye to your bottom line, charging some of the most competitive rates you’ll find for such quality services.

We have the highest respect for our customers—aka our neighbors. We’ll never waste your time or ours by showing up late. And because we know stress-free compliance counts, we maintain solid records on your grease waste disposal for you, so you won’t have to experience interruption of operations or take your focus away from the business of actually running your business.

It’s all about helping you go green and stay clean, one grease trap at a time.

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